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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Podcasts – Stay Informed with Crypto Podcasts

Cryptocurrency Podcasts are a great way to learn and become a more informed investor. Cryptocurrency podcasts are becoming go-to resources for newbies and seasoned experts to access the latest news and trends about crypto-related affairs.

With thousands of cryptocurrency podcasts, choosing the best among all becomes challenging. To make the task easier for you, we have narrowed it down top 10 cryptocurrency podcasts. Let’s check out the top 10 cryptocurrency podcasts.

What are cryptocurrency podcasts?

Cryptocurrency podcasts are programs that focus on topics related to cryptocurrencies. Through podcasts individuals and organizations share information and discuss various aspects of the crypto industry. Cryptocurrency podcasts provide a convenient way for investors to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the crypto world.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Podcasts

  1. Bankless
Bankless Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Bankless podcast is the ultimate guide to crypto finance, DeFi

 ( Decentralized Finance), NFTs ( Non-Fungible Tokens) and various cryptocurrencies.

The podcast’s hosts are David Hoffman and Ryan Adams, the show follows a weekly release schedule and boasts an extensive catalog of over 650 episodes. Bankless aim is to provide investors with the tools they need to become bankless. Bankless places a particular emphasis on Ethereum.

  1. Crypto 101
Crypto 101 Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Crypto 101 is hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. Bryce Paul is the crypto hedge fund Tower 18 Capital’s Co-founder and investment partner. Crypto 101 discussed DeFi, investment strategies, emerging applications and tokens. The podcast invites members of the crypto community who help simplify complex ideas and make them more accessible to beginners. New podcast episodes are released weekly.

  1. Unchained
Unchained Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Unchained podcast was launched in 2016 and is one of the top cryptocurrency podcasts out there. It is hosted by Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes with pioneers in the industry about how crypto will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. New podcast episodes are released weekly and each podcast episode tackles various topics such as NFTs, Bitcoin, Ethereum and DeFi.

  1. Crypto News Alerts
 Crypto News Alerts Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Crypto News Alerts is the best place for the latest industry news with crypto alerts, a daily podcast delivering breaking news in a concise way. Each episode covers the most significant happenings of the day. The podcast is hosted by Justin Verrengia, entrepreneur and marketing and business consultant. The show also invites guests who are experts in the crypto market to discuss price predictions and other crypto developments. The podcast focuses on latest crypto news as well as emerging investment opportunities.

  1. Crypto Trading Secrets
Crypto trading secrets Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Crypto Trading Secrets, a podcast by renowned crypto news platform Cointelegraph, focused on the trading and investing side of crypto. The podcast is hosted by Benjamin Pirus, a full-time writer and occasional trader/investor in the crypto space. Each episode is typically formed around interviews with crypto traders, investors and analysts.

  1. The Bad Crypto Podcast
The Bad Crypto Podcast Cryptocurrency Podcasts

The Bad Crypto Podcast includes a discussion on cryptocurrencies and crypto-related legislation. The podcast is hosted by Joel Comm, an NFT expert and blockchain technology enthusiast and Travis Wright, a seasoned marketing technologist and blockchain advisor. New podcast episodes are released weekly. The podcast covers various topics that will help enrich your crypto knowledge.

  1. Boys Club
Boys Club Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Boys Club is a social decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and media company that caters to women and non-binary individuals in the Web3 space as well as those who are curious to explore the world of Web3.The podcast is hosted by Deana Burke and Natasha Hoskins, the founders of Boys Club. The podcast covers various topics related to the new internet, including the future of culture, technology and commerce.

  1. Coin Bureau Podcast 
The Coin Bureau Cryptocurrency Podcasts
Source: The Coin Bureau Podcast

The Coin Bureau Podcast dives into all things crypto, just like their YouTube series. The podcast is hosted by Guy Turner and his friend Mike. It provides a wide range of content including breaking news related to crypto and beginner-friendly discussions on various crypto topics. The coin bureau is dedicated to providing education and information about cryptocurrency without the hype. No new episodes have been released since December 2022.

  1. NFT Steez
NFT Steez Cryptocurrency Podcasts

  NFT Steez, a podcast by Cointelegraph hosted by Ray Salmond, the editor and head of markets at Cointelegraph and Alyssa Exposito, a valued contributing writer. The podcast offers listeners an immersive experience of the fascinating world of Web3. New podcast episodes are released weekly. It covers a wide range of topics within NFT and web3.

  1. What Bitcoin Did
What Bitcoin Did Cryptocurrency Podcasts

What Bitcoin Did gives listeners access to everything they need to learn about Bitcoin. The podcast is hosted by Peter McCormack, a full-time journalist and podcaster. He also hosts another podcast called Defiance. What Bitcoin Did podcast covers a wide range of topics related to Bitcoin and the broader crypto space. New episodes are released twice a week.

PodcastsTotal EpisodesRelease Timing
Bankless719 EpisodesWeekly
Crypto 101583 EpisodesWeekly
Unchained548 EpisodesWeekly
Crypto News Alerts787 EpisodesDaily
Crypto Trading Secrets12 EpisodesNo new episodes since 1 Aug 2023
The Bad Crypto Podcast730 EpisodesWeekly
Boys Club74 EpisodesTwice a week
Coin Bureau Podcast56 EpisodesNo new episodes since Dec 2022
NFT Steez12 EpisodesWeekly
What Bitcoin Did300 EpisodesTwice a week


Cryptocurrency podcasts are a better way to become a better investor. These are the top 10 Cryptocurrency podcasts that would through light on the latest updates in the crypto space. In the crypto space, there are many resources to get your daily dose of news and information. Listening to podcasts is an easy and comfortable way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best cryptocurrency podcasts for beginners?

Coin Bureau, Bankless and Boys Club are the best cryptocurrency podcasts for beginners.

2. Where can I easily get cryptocurrency podcasts?

You can get cryptocurrency podcasts easily on Spotify. Majority of cryptocurrency podcasts are available on the platform. 

3. What is the number one podcast for cryptocurrency?

As for the number one cryptocurrency podcast ranking can vary based on categories and geographic locations.

4. Who is the best person to listen to about cryptocurrency?

Identifying the best person to listen to about cryptocurrency depends on your interests and preferences.

5. What do cryptocurrency podcasts provide?

Cryptocurrency podcasts provide a convenient way for investors to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the crypto world.